Tools & Data

Verification-Enhanced Learning for Safe Autonomous Robots

  • NeVerNeural Network Verifier

Decision Procedures for Boolean Logics

  • AQMEAdaptive QBF Multi-Engine
  • ChEQChecking Engine for QBF
  • QuTE – Quantified Treewidth Estimator
  • QuBIS – Quantified Boolean Formulas Incomplete Solver
  • QuReS – Quantified Resolution and Search Solver
  • StruQS – Structural QBF Solver

Legacy “companion” web sites for published papers

  • AICOM 2015 – Extra data for the paper “Evaluating Probabilistic Model Checking Tools for Verification of Robot Control Policies”
  • ISF 2012 – Extra data for the paper “Ontology-based data access: An application to intermodal logistics”