Marco Menapace


I am research engineer working on the development of software for Computer Automated Design (CAutoD) of elevators.

Research interests

The main objective of my research is the design and implementation of a framework to assist professionals in the design of elevators. Given some user defined constraints, a core engine optimizes design parameters of the project while ensuring that specific safety regulations are not violated. The developed software will be cross-platform and will be accessible via web services. A mobile application for on-site measurements will allow to share project details to a cloud server, which could be later accessed through a web interface for further refinements from PC.
The final product will provide an architecture which will improve elevator designer productivity, making sure safety levels always meet the required standards.

Short Bio
I received a Laurea Magistrale (MSc eqvl) in Computer Engineering from the University of Genoa. My dissertation was on “Agile methods in refactoring an application for automated elevation design”. I also hold a Laurea Triennale (BSc eqvl) in Computer Engineering from the same university.
After completing my Laurea Triennale, I worked in logistics and transportation for two years, developing expertise and specific IT tools in container import/export and custom operations.
I am a pretty curious person and I love to take part in “hands on” projects.